Cardiovascular Care in Philadelphia, PA

Meet Dr. Sanul Corrielus

Dr. Sanul Corrielus, MD, MBA, FACC, is a board certified cardiologist at Corrielus Cardiology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His clinical interest is in providing comprehensive and well-integrated care to his patients with an emphasis on preventive cardiology. He has merged traditional values and standards of patient care with heart-centered holistic techniques to provide patients with an understanding of sustainable journeys of progressive wellness.

Corrielus Cardiology Offers Comprehensive Cardiac Testing

Testing Helps Assess Heart Health and Identify Areas of Concern

Some of Our On-Site Testing Includes

Cardiac Screening
Stress Tests

Raising Awareness About Heart Disease, Hypertension & Stroke In Our Community

Services Offered During Health Fairs:

Cardiovascular Screenings
Blood Pressure Check
Healthy Giveaways
Community Engagement
Cardiovascular Educational Seminars

Cardiac Care Management

Offers Follow-Up Care Needs of Cardiac Patients Who Are →

Post Cardiothoracic Surgery
Post MI with Life Vest Monitoring
Post Complex Structural Heart Procedures like TAVR
Post Complex Cardiac Ablation Procedures, Pacemaker Insertion
Post Heart Failure Hospitalization
Patients Don’t Need To Leave Their Familiar Environment To Visit Multiple
Doctors’ Offices and Hospitals for Follow Up Care

Services are Available for Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities and for Medical Practices

Learn More About Cardiac Care Management
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Patient Testimonials

“What a surprise to find that a doctors office of color has come to our community. I was greeted with warmth and smiles. I was immediately at ease.”
“I trust this place with my health. I never met a team that cares so much about their patients. I don’t feel like I’m being ignored about my symptoms. Amazing doctors.”
- H.M.
“I feel it was very productive and that Dr. Corrielus is getting me back on track. He brought awareness of my health to my attention and the foods that I eat.”

Our Location

Corrielus Cardiology
7452 Ogontz Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19138

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