Corrielus Cardiac Care Management

Whether you are recovering from cardiac surgery, complex cardiac procedures, heart failure, or a recent diagnosis of a heart condition, cardiac patients typically have a long road to recovery.

The added stress of leaving familiar environments to visit multiple doctors’ offices and hospitals for follow-up care isn’t needed when you collaborate with Corrielus Cardiology.

Corrielus Cardiac Care Management meets the follow-up care needs of cardiac patients who are:

  • Post cardiothoracic surgery
  • Post Myocardial Infarction (MI) with life Vest monitoring
  • Post complex structural heart procedures like TAVR…
  • Post complex cardiac ablation procedures, pacemaker insertion
  • Post LVAD
  • Post heart failure hospitalization

Our convenient on-site follow-up care service for patients in various post-cardiac situations ensures you can receive the necessary attention without leaving your familiar environment. Our service aims to minimize the stress associated with multiple visits to different healthcare facilities when you should focus on your recovery.

For Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

We provide comprehensive cardiac care services directly on-site for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. As a nursing home or assisted living facility collaborating with our practice, your current and new patients can enjoy high-quality cardiac care with Dr. Corrielus on-site.

Our customized services allow your center to control costs by reducing the need for transportation and staff to accompany residents to their follow-up and care visits.

Through our services, we offer:

  • On-site cardiovascular consultation for cardiac patients
  • Complex anticoagulation management
  • Remote consultation services using HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine Technology.
  • In-house heart failure program geared toward decreasing hospital readmissions
  • On-site EKG and cardiac diagnostic studies, including On-Demand studies
  • Specialized cardiac nutritional management
  • In-house cardiac rehabilitation in collaboration with staff physical therapists

In addition, we customize education and training programs for your staff to sharpen their skills at risk-stratifying cardiac patients admitted into the facility.

For Medical Practices

The Corrielus Cardiac Care Management program allows your practice to offer an expanded range of cardiac care services and capabilities. We provide on-site comprehensive cardiac consultation with the goal of meeting the needs of each individual patient.

Our services offer:

  • Improved patient compliance and access to specialty care
  • Patients get to see the cardiac specialist in familiar surroundings in your office
  • Interactive collaboration with the cardiac specialist on patient care
  • On-site cardiovascular diagnostic testing, including On-Demand studies
  • Consultation notes and diagnostic reports are available on the same day
  • Medicare annual wellness exam
  • Most insurance plans are accepted

Corrielus Cardiac Care Management program is a convenient way to improve patient care and achieve CMS-driven quality outcomes while generating income for your practice with no capital investment. 

We provide our own personnel and equipment on a day and time that is convenient for you and your staff. You maintain control of your patients and benefit from immediate results.

Access Custom Cardiac Care Management Services in Philadelphia

In essence, Corrielus Cardiac Care Management presents a streamlined approach to cardiac care, emphasizing accessibility, collaboration, and tailored services for both patients and healthcare facilities.

Our integrated approach to cardiovascular health prioritizes our patient’s overall well-being and quality of life.

Do you have more questions about how we can collaborate with your facility or medical practice?

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