When diagnosing heart disease, a blood test or lab test can be used in a variety of ways. At Corrielus Cardiology, we pursue the most effective non-invasive testing measures to evaluate your heart health.

Dr. Corrielus has a keen understanding of how specific lab tests can be used to assess your risk for heart disease. Blood tests can also confirm whether or not a particular medication is effective and identify the severity of certain heart conditions.

Cardiovascular Disease Lab Testing

To help us gain the most accurate assessment of your heart health, Dr. Corrielus may order one or more of the following lab tests:

  • Cardiac biomarkers: To detect damaged heart cells and diagnose a heart attack.
  • Lipid blood tests: To identify levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which helps determine your risk of heart disease.
  • Lipoprotein, homocysteine, and fibrinogen tests: Markers that indicate development of coronary heart disease.
  • C-reactive protein: To identify increased levels of inflammation.
  • Blood tests for anticoagulants: To evaluate a safe level for blood thinner medication.
  • Blood sugar tests: To test for diabetes.
  • B-type natriuretic peptide test: To detect and measure the severity of heart failure.
  • Electrolyte tests: To confirm the effectiveness of current treatment or to detect liver, heart, and kidney disease.
  • Blood count: To diagnose and monitor certain heart conditions or assess the effectiveness of medication.

Lab tests are often used in conjunction with other cardiac testing methods or as part of a complete cardiac screening and evaluation.

Get Comprehensive Cardiac Lab Testing in Philadelphia

At Corrielus Cardiology, we want to help patients understand their risk for heart disease. We believe that providing information about risk factors and how healthy lifestyle habits can significantly reduce those risks can help prevent heart disease for most people.

Our integrated approach to cardiovascular health prioritizes your overall well-being and quality of life.

To schedule your lab tests or cardiac screening, call Corrielus Cardiology at 215-383-5900 or book an appointment online.

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